Friday, September 7, 2007

Vern's Place

Vern's Place is an institution in this town. It is frequented by construction workers, business people in suits, bank workers, police officers and just everyday citizens looking for a good home cooked meal. If you have been looking for a particular person, just go by Vern's at lunch and they are there. This is all done in very close quarters, because Vern's is not a large place and it makes all of it's clientele very up close and personnel.

It is very disturbing to read that the new property owners are going to go up on the rent that will force Vern's out after over 40 years. While we all understand progress, it is not good when an institution is displaced. This is a family business that is operated by Mrs. Suvern Freeman Simmons along with her children and grandchildren.

We love Vern's Place. DO NOT CLOSE - JUST RELOCATE.
A fundraiser is scheduled for 3 p.m Sept. 16 at Vern's Place, 3600 Main Street or for more information call Gail Freeman at 469-735-2258, Restaurant at 214-823-0435.

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