Tuesday, September 4, 2007

City of Dallas Budget has 43 million for Dallas Schools

Almost weekly there is something about the mismanagement of money and personnel at Dallas Independent School District (DISD) ,and in the proposed budget for the city of Dallas there is 42 million of taxpayer money that will go to DISD.

The taxes that go to Dallas Independent School District (DISD)currently are not being spent wisely. Just recently we have had the credit card scandal and the DISD's extra pay which is $80 million a year in supplemental payroll that is paid on top of salaries for extra work or desirable skills. Little oversight was given to this program just as little oversight was given to the credit card program. To make things worse with the credit card scandal, the superintendent spent a million dollars on an investigation that did very little to the people who abused the credit cards. What happened to paying all of the money back?

Mayor Tom Leppert made a campaign promise to get more involved with education, but we should not be using money that we need for public safety, parks, streets and code enforcement. Maybe some of the fees that will be raised in this year's budget can stay as they are with 43 million that is in the budget for education.

Dallas city council JUST SAY NO to any funds for education other than grants .

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