Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trinity River Project

The debate over a Toll Road in the middle of the Trinity River between the levee is raising a great deal of concern in the Southern Sector of Dallas. The majority of the elected officials have all gotten behind the idea of this Toll Road in the middle of the Park to be used as a reliever road from HWY 183 to HWY 175. The majority of the people using the Toll Road will not be people who live and pay taxes in Dallas, they will be people who live in the suburbs. The Dallas Voters signed a petition to have this referendum put on the ballot on November 6, 2007 so they can decide if they want a Toll Road in the middle of the Trinity Park.

While the debate has continued to heat up, there are several issues that have not been answered by Mayor Leppert and the elected officials that support the Toll Road:

1. Where will the water that usually fill the Trinity go?
2. What is economic development for ethnic minorities?
3. How will bringing 100,000 more cars to the area affect the air quality?
4. Why not invest more in mass transit?
5. Will there be waivers from the post Katrina standards from the Army Corp?
6. How will the Toll Road affect neighborhood flooding (creeks)?
7. Why give away 1/2 billion in land to NTTA?
8. Who will pay for all of the parks amenities that are not funded?
10. If you double deck Industrial, what property would you buy?

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