Friday, June 12, 2009

Adelpha Callejo Nominated for New School Name

I attended the DISD Board Briefing yesterday where Nancy Bingham nominated Adelpha Callejo's name for a new school in DISD. The most telling exchange between board members was when Dr. Lew Blackburn ask Nancy Bingham if she agreed with the racist statements made by Adelpha, and she did not denounce the statements.

I have served on several boards and commissions with Adelpha and always found her to be one-race oriented. She constantly spoke openly in a negative way about black people and always talked about it being the Hispanics time.

She made national news with her raciest comments about then Senator Obama, now President Obama. Even her candidate, Senator Hillary Clinton, had to denounce her racist remarks.

While I believe Adelpha has met many challenges in her personal life and I applaud her for overcoming those challenges and becoming a successful lawyer. I do not believe that naming a school after her, where all races of children will attend, is in the best interest of the school district or the community. My personal belief is that one can be a strong advocate for his/her race without constantly putting down another race.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learning Centers and Magnet Schools Teacher and Support Personnel CUTS by DISD Trustees

For those voting YES; Flores, Lowe, Ellis, Bingham and Garza: Lost a total of 7 teachers.

For those voting NO; Medrano, Price, Ranger and Blackburn: Lost a total of 228.

Price - 100

Blackburn - 74.5

Medrano - 37.5

Ranger - 16

Lowe - 8 (all at KB Polk)

Garza - 0.5

Ellis and Bingham - 0

Flores gets a gain at Dealey Montessori with an addition of 1.5

Something is not right with this picture. If looks like a duck, quacks like a duck
and walks like a duck. It is a duck.