Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learning Centers and Magnet Schools Teacher and Support Personnel CUTS by DISD Trustees

For those voting YES; Flores, Lowe, Ellis, Bingham and Garza: Lost a total of 7 teachers.

For those voting NO; Medrano, Price, Ranger and Blackburn: Lost a total of 228.

Price - 100

Blackburn - 74.5

Medrano - 37.5

Ranger - 16

Lowe - 8 (all at KB Polk)

Garza - 0.5

Ellis and Bingham - 0

Flores gets a gain at Dealey Montessori with an addition of 1.5

Something is not right with this picture. If looks like a duck, quacks like a duck
and walks like a duck. It is a duck.


rumpunch said...

Actually, if you count the 1 teacher that was saved at Jerome Garza son's school (Travis Middle) his loss is actually a .5 teacher gain. My kids school was decimated by both the RIF and by the current cut. Would he had voted against the cut if they had not exempted Travis. When the TEA and Dept of Ed tells you that you can exempt schools and you do not, I feel that a conservator is not far away. BTW - we the taxpayers have to pay for that conservator.

Thank you for being a voice in the community.

Joyce Foreman said...


DISD is in trouble and the taxpayeers should be speaking out as often as possible. When I read the memo from HD Director Kim Olson, and it stated "If HD makes all of its goals they would be 75% over the state mandate for Bilingual", I was shocked. Is that where the money is going? Don't know, but that's a question.