Monday, September 10, 2007

Citizens Can Do Their Part/Laureland and Interstate 35

Me and my neighbors use Redbird Lane that turns into Laureland to access Interstate 35, and for a period of time we noticed a negative change in the area. We saw a business started called 24-7 Cigar and we were alarmed at the constant activity that was there. People sitting around and scantily dressed women parading around. We believed their to be prostitution, drug sales etc. taking place and began to call 311 for help. After a few calls I was told that I needed to talk to a detective and get a case number to report the unwanted activity as often as I saw it.

The community continued to call 311 and let them know that we would not tolerate the activity that was taking place in our neighborhood. I spoke with Detective Ford on many occasions and he went or sent someone to the location to verify the activity. Detective Ford finally sent out a police car that was parked at the Texaco service station for a period of time. The 24-7 Cigar Shop was closed and we now have a store for baby clothes and toys."text/javascript

Citizens can make a difference in the neighborhood. It takes persistence, and the city council persons do not have to direct city staff like Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway,Sheffine Kadane and David Newmann did. Let the profesionals do their job.

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