Friday, September 21, 2007

Jena Louisiana

I am sorry that I could not be in Jena Louisiana for the march that took place on yesterday, but I am glad there was such a strong showing from Dallas and that Pastor Tyrone Gordon journeyed to Jena with four buses from St. Luke. It was especially good to see so many young people taking the trip with their parents or other people who experienced racial segregation. Too often our young people think that they have all of the answers and haven't even begun to understand the problems that permeates throughout our community and this country.

I did attend the service at my church, St. Luke "Community" United Methodist on Wednesday evening and had the opportunity to pray for the Jena 6, all of the people of Jena Louisiana and the people making the trip. One person that I spoke with was Alva Baker who had her two children with her at the rally and she informed me that that would be taking the trip with her.

Many are asking what did this march accomplish? What will happen now? If they will only stop and think about their questions and understand the significance of bringing black people together from all over this country to say that we are not going to take the unfair justice system anymore. We are putting this country on notice that "Injustice anywhere,is injustice everywhere".

Be clear that I do not believe that just black people believe that the incident in Jena Louisiana was wrong, I believe that people of good will, no matter their race, can clearly understand the unfair justice system and the negative light that has been place on the "Jena 6".

This was a good start to raising the awareness.

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