Friday, September 28, 2007

DART Police

Today at 3:45 p.m. I was opening the door to my office and noticed a DART police car(#2916) at the corner of Ervay and Commerce by Neiman Marcus. I was curious because there are NO DART bus stops at that corner. Upon further investigation, I saw the officer talking to a homeless man who appeared to have some problems. Then a second DART police car (#2771) pulled up and another (#2775) pulled up. In each car was one officer. It appeared that they were arresting the homeless person.

My question and concern is why was the DART police arresting a homeless person and he was not on their property. The people that ride DART would love to see 3 officers at the transit center, on the train, or patrolling DART parking lots. When will DART get it. DART police should be protecting DART property,safety and security would bring more riders to DART. They should not be harassing the homeless.

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Thumper said...

The DART police have jurisdiction in 13 cities and 6 counties. They do focus on their particular area of concern, but as Texas Peace Officers, they also are authorized to keep the Peace within their jurisdiction, as well as the whole state of Texas.

Just because you saw a "homeless" man get into a police vehicle does not mean they were arresting him. It is just as likely that the man may have been having emotional problems, and they were goign to transport him to a medical facility.

Why do people always want to jump to the worse conclusion? Try giving the good guys a break every now and then, huh.