Friday, September 14, 2007

Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway

It is so good to know that Dallas citizens are not falling for the hype that is being written on different blogs about Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway. There are some that would try to make you believe that he is doing good work for the community with his short tenure in office (since June). They would also like for you to believe that the entire black community is 100% behind him (not true). Just check out some of these blogs and you will see where some of the problems are in our community, "It is not about the money, but it is all about the money."

Sharon Boyd seems to believe that she has to have a positive comment about Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway when ever Rufus Shaw or Michael Davis writes something about him on the blogs. While I respect her right to comment, it can not sway the black community's thoughts and ideas about this person. For years I was not a supporter of Sharon Boyd's, but I have found her to be more open than before.

The community is watching this new council and the jury is still out on who is good or bad."text/javascript

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