Tuesday, September 4, 2007


The Dallas Morning News reports that more homeless are looking for meals and shelter. The lines outside of the Stewpot has grown lately, and record numbers are showing up for assistance.
My office has been in the downtown area (28 years on Main Street) for almost 30 years, with 27 years in my own business, and I have watched the homeless situation grow in larger numbers each year. It is apparent that the city of Dallas struggles with the homeless problem. In my opinion there are many reasons why we have not been able to reduce the number of homeless people in the downtown area. Let us also remember that the homeless population is now moving outside of the downtown area into the residential areas.

The city is basically trying to treat all of the problems with the homeless the same. They want to use the cookie cutter approach or one size fit all. The homeless are in the situation for many different reasons, some are new in the city, drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness and working poor. I see more women and children than I have ever seen before.

Everybody is not willing to conform, but for those that are, lets find some temporary housing, job training and substance abuse programs that work.

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