Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Council Request of Police Officers

Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway, David Newmann and Sheffie Kadane all new Dallas City council persons who have been in office since June 2007 and are making special request of the Dallas Police Department. They have opened up the question of setting policy versus micromanaging. Each council person has made numerous request of the Dallas police department to get rid of crime in their districts as reported by The Dallas Morning News. The Police department is caught between the council person's request or staying focused on lowering overall crime. The Police departments concern is that the people who set their budget is also making special request with little understanding of how their request adversely affects the departments ability to prioritize.

Chief Kunkel says "A lot of this I attribute to new council members wanting to make a difference and wanting to demonstrate that they are effective." and former Dallas Chief Ben Click says "It's amazing how someone gets elected and overnight becomes an expert. Their role is to set policy and give general direction to the department, and then let the professionals figure out how to do it and hold their feet to the fire."

If resources are being moved to accommodate the request of these new council member, who is not being served? Give the police the tools that they need and do not micromanage.

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