Wednesday, December 12, 2007

State President SCLC/Peter Johnson

James Ragland's article today in the Dallas Morning News "Agree with his policies or not, mayor's been effective so far" really got my attention. The first thing that I thought was successful at what? The Trinity River vote was not an overwhelming demand from the public. Some citizens took a good look at who was voted in as mayor and began to wish for Ed Oakley and his politcial allies on the council are basically Dwaine(Dewayne,Dwayne) Caraway, Tennell Adkins, Jerry Allen and Dave Neumann. All of those council members are freshmen and could be tossed out of office in 2 years (we hope).

Dwaine (Dwayne,Dewayne) Caraway is just pitiful, he was sucking up with every word. I miss Dr. Thornton-Reese, atleast she was independent.

What I loved the most was the comments from Peter Johnson about Mayor Leppert. He started out with "In the civil rights movement, we had what we called SWAB-smart -ass white boys who know more about black people than we know." "In the best sense of the word, that's what he is." Mr. Johnson went on to say that "He is new." "He's a typical rich, North Dallas white man who has lots of money. He's been successful, and he thinks he knows what we need." But Mr. Ragland went on to say that what Mr. Johnson is most concerned with, as he explained it to him, is Dallas patronizing history of accommodation. "We have seen in the past where a mayor... surrounds himself with a chosen few black gatekeepers, and everyone else has to go through them."

I would like to thank Peter Johnson for standing up for our community.

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