Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Councilman Mitchel Rasansky better be careful that he doses not get on the bad side of Mayor Tom Leppert by speaking out about the mayor's party that was thrown at Ross Perot Jr.'s condominium in W Dallas Victory Hotel & Residence. Who is he to question Tom Leppert?

There is no way that you could have all of the council members invited and "no business talk" would take place. Remember this is the mayor who played wild and loose with the truth on the Trinity vote.

Most may not recall that Eddie Reaves, who work for Perot,Jr., was nominated to replace me on the DART board. The spin doctors had him removed from Perot Systems website and said he no longer worked for Perot Systems so that he could get on the DART board. When the city council found out, they rejected the notion of putting Eddie Reaves on the DART board and that is how the city has the unfortunate experience of Jerry Christian serving on the DART board. It should also be noted that Willis Johnson, the mayors head Negro, was the one who bought the name of Eddie Reaves to Dwaine (Dewayne/Dwayne) Caraway for nomination to the DART board, and that Willis Johnson's son works for Perot, Jr.

Councilwoman Pauline Medrano is being cautious, as she should be about this new administration. She too had better be careful because these are bad people who go after you with meanness.

The Allen Group,Dallas Logistics Hub,should watch what is going to happen with their investment in the Southern Sector and make sure that the Dallas Mayor is not to cozy with to Perot, Jr. who has openly stated that the Dallas Logistics Hub is a threat to the development at the Alliance Airport. Southern Dallas needs the 60,000 jobs that have been projected by The Allen Group.

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