Wednesday, December 19, 2007

DISD-Bond Program

More bad news from DISD regarding the audit. The preliminary indication is that 100
million dollars will have to be reallocated and that the district's end of the year balance in its general operating fund would have to be reduced to $117.7 million from 135.8 million. A million here and a million there soon adds up to real money.

This district wants to go to the public for more bond money to improve schools, but the public should be asking many questions about the previous bond and how it benefited the district overall. How many new schools were built in traditional African American neighborhoods? How many new schools have low enrollments of students? Why was the schools not included in the previous bond not put at the top of the list for the new bond?

Voters should be leery of what is about to come out of DISD for more bond money and probably higher taxes.

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