Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ann Lott/Dallas Housing Authority

Months ago when Laura Miller was attempting to oust Dallas Housing Authority President Ann Lott, many citizens rushed to her defense at a board meeting and spoke openly about what they believed was an attempt by then Mayor Laura Miller to take Ms. Lott out of her position as president. I believe that Willis Johnson spent a great deal of time on his talk show allowing people to speak of the situation and he also encouraged the listening audience to attend the board meeting.

When then Mayor Laura Miller began to meddle in the DHA's affairs, she not only was called into question, but her board chairman appointee resigned. Mayor Miller then appointed Betty Culbreath as chairman to get the situation under control. What's the difference between Mayor Miller and Mayor Tom Leppert? Maybe its the Negroes that are with Mayor Leppert.

It was very interesting to watch new Mayor Tom Leppert Perform for the camera and talk about the accounting errors of approximately 3.5 million that must be accounted for in the voucher program or returned to HUD. Ms. Lott indicated that there are computer problems and that they will be fixed. There was not any indication that any money was taken. Mayor Leppert, who does not have a vote, said that if there were not changes within six months that something would change. He virtually implied that Ms. Lott would loose her position.

I believe that Ann Lott will do just as she said and will make sure that all of the problems will be fixed,but my questions is what's with this mayor?

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