Monday, December 3, 2007

Bank Loans in Southern Dallas

What is new about banks not lending money in Souhtern Dallas? Maybe there are some new people on the scene who can not remember 15 to 20 years ago when Robert Pitre posted banners outside of his car lot on Harwood and Grand that indicated that banks were not making loans in Southern Dallas. Maybe they cannot remember when banks were protested for not lending in South Dallas. Forgive me, these Negroes do not protest. Maybe some of the people who are writing and talking about the disparity now were not here when others made the same claims or just maybe they think they have a better handle on things and the bankers will listen to them.

Clearly there must be an investment in Southern Dallas for the city of Dallas to grow, because the city can not grow North. There will be investors in Southern Dallas, but they will not all be African Americans. Southern Dallas is racially diverse and the expectation is that all will participate in the growth.

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