Friday, December 21, 2007


The Montgomery Bus Boycott worked because Blacks were unified, organized and they kept their hard earned wages in the black community. It worked because the whites took a hard hit when blacks took their dollars away from them. It worked then and it can work today. Just like back then, you had a few scary, uncle Tom Negroes, who tried to discouraged it, but, the overwhelming majority of brave, strong, God-fearing, intelligent Blacks, said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” When will the divided, scary Negroes of today declare the same thing? As you can see, every generation has their token Negro that the whites use to discourage progress. It did not work then, and we should not allow a few Uncle Toms who are trying to line their own pockets in the name of the Black community (Southern Dallas)to deter us from doing what is right. We should stand up and move aside brainwashed, ignorant Negroes like them,and keep on pushing forward for the ultimate goal of helping our people and getting respect BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!!!

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