Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Dear Aunt Freda

The old saying. "You have to get it right everyday" is most prevalent in my mind today. Yesterday was as usual as it could be for Christmas, I was about the business of sharing in the joy of the birth of Jesus with my family and friends and started the day out with a friend of over 30 years who has found himself in a state of depression and can not seem to work his way out. We talked for over two hours, which delayed me from my Christmas ritual,about his current state of mind and how I wanted to assure him that I am here for him. We ended the conversation with a God bless you and keep you and I will talk with you later.

I loaded my car with the presents that I would be delivering from house to house and started on my journey of celebration. My first stop was at Aunt Freda's house where she and her daughter had prepared the meal. This was unusual because for the last few years, I have been the one who cooked for Aunt Freda. Her daughter was here visiting from Kansas City for the holidays and wanted to help her mother prepare a meal. All went very well, the meal was good and God knows there was a lot of laughter and fellowship.

It was time to open the presents, and I had purchased a pair of Christmas Pajamas for Aunt Freda. She could not wait to put them on. After she put the Pajamas on, we starting taking pictures for our memories and that was a hoot because Aunt Freda was styling and posing for the camera. Then I had to leave to continue on my journey, Aunt Freda was not happy because she wanted me to stay longer. I hugged and kissed her and went on my way.

This morning around 10:00 a.m. Aunt Freda's daughter called to tell me that the paramedics were there and could not revive Aunt Freda and they were headed to Methodist Hospital. I left in a flash to meet them , and when I got there the family was in a room and she could not be revived. She is now at peace.


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