Monday, July 7, 2008

Venus Williams vs Serena Williams at Wimbledon

I do not watch a lot of tennis, but when the Williams sisters are playing each other, I am glued to the television. Saturday's match was all that I thought it would be between the two siblings.

We all know about sibling rivalry and Serena was on the wining side the last time . We knew that Venus would be ready. Some have said that the Williams family made the decision that it would be Serena again, but I do not buy into that theory. Venus would have to be crazy to agree to getting her butt kicked by here little sister all of the time.

So this time at Wimbledon, Venus was ready for baby sister Serena, and beat her quickly. Venus made sure that once she had won, she did not gloat about it but you could tell she was happy.

I must admit that I am a Venus Williams fan. That does not take anything from Serena, but I just think Venus is a class act.
They did compete in the doubles as partners and won. You go Williams sisters!

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