Thursday, July 3, 2008

DART's new Rail Corridor Ad Hoc Negotiation Committee

DART is doing just what I expected. They have formed a special committee of DART Board members to discuss the Cotton Belt rail line. Suburban cities have begun work on funding options to speed the process up of building the rail line. This Ad Hoc committee will have a set of recommendations to give to the full DART board in August. They want to move this along quickly.

The makeup of the Ad Hoc committee members make me wonder what is going on? Robert Strauss who is the appointee of Dallas Councilman Ron Natinsky (the representative of the North Dallas area where the Cotton Belt line will enter and exit Dallas) is not on the committee and none of the African American Southern Dallas representatives (Jerry Christian,Pamela Gates or Claude Williams) are on the committee either. The absence of some representation speaks volumes about what is going to happen with the Southern Dallas proposed extensions.

The suburban members of the DART Board are outsmarting the Dallas members on every issue. Remember the suburban members rallied to help Gary Thomas keep his job after several missteps last year.

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