Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dallas Housing Authority

Looks like the dirty work of getting rid of Ann Lott has been done and now Mayor Tom Leppert is going to rid himself of Betty Culbreath. So sad, but that's the way it works. Betty should know that once you are used to do the dirt, your service is no longer needed.

Where is Dwaine (Dewayne,Dwayne)Caraway who is one of Mayor Tom Leppert's gatekeepers? I think he is close to Betty and he is Leppert's head Negro watcher at Dallas city hall. Will he take a stand for Betty? I think that Betty also has a good relationship with Willis Johnson (another gatekeeper for Leppert), and I do not know if he will help his friend. Don't forget that Betty also has a good relationship with Tennell Adkins another disappointment to the African American community. With all of those connections, you would think that she would have very few problems getting reappointed.

I can not help but remember my situation on reappointment to the DART board and the role that this same cast of characters played.

What goes around comes around.


Ms. BettyCulbreath said...

The difference in you and I , you serve to make contacts to help you make a living and a name for your self.I serve to help my Community I have never gained not contracted with anyone I did business with in my volunteer positions.I worked the past 45 years to earn my living and now live on a very good retirement income. Mayor Miller appointed me to the DHA Board not to fire Ann Lott but to get to the bottom of things and clean up the mess at DHA. I renewed Ms. Lott's contract gave her a raise and increased car allowance you had no comment then.If my mission was to get rid of Ann Lott I would have done that under Mayor Miller.Unlike you I clearly understand I am a Miller appointee, Mayor Leppert owes me nothing.My term on the DHA Board ended March 31,2008, Mayor Leppert called and ask me to stay in a hold over position for six month, not a lifetime. Mayor Leppert has not ask anything of me, but to get the Finance and Audit problems at DHA corrected and that is what the present Board has done.That "get rid of me after I did Mayor Leppert's dirt" is as crazy as asking why the Man going to the electric chair tomorrow killed himself today. Your hatred for people who disagree with you is making you make statements that make no sence.Joyce you have done a lot of good things in Dallas but your anger and hostility will make you sick.Please I pray for you to have peace and calm in your spirit
rid yourself of addiction to hate people who simply disagree with you.

Joyce Foreman said...

Just as you have done, I have volunteered. I do not need to make a name for myself. How foolish of you to think that. I have been in my own business for almost 30 years, is there something negative about that? But of course you do not know me and have never worked with me on anything. Just for the record, I am not at retirement age.

I have no hatred for you. Yes, you have a negative reputation in the community. That is not my doing, it is because of your actions.

Just as you said about me when I was not reappointed to the DART Board, you should move on because that appointment was not for life.

What goes around comes around.

amisithoughts92 said...
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