Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ann Lott

I told you so. Mayor Tom Leppert got his way again. That does not make it right. He used the power of not making new appointments to get Ann Lott to resign from the Dallas Housing Authority. I do not blame Ms. Lott, I would have found me something better also. Working with Betty Culbreath must have been horrible. Betty is put in positions to tear other black people down. I should know, and she should know better.

I do not know Ann Lott personally, but all that I have heard about her has been good. Yes, there were some accounting problems, but I can not see where the issue at Dallas Housing is as bad as what is happening at Dallas Independent School District with its' Audit. Forgive me, Mayor Leppert and Dallas Achieves want to take over the yearly billion dollar budget at DISD and don't forget the 1.35 billion dollar Bond program. Wasn't Leppert in the construction business? Go figure!!!!! Therefore not one peep out of Leppert about the shape of DISD.

Ms. Lott, God has a better plan for you.


King said...


You are a fool. I worked worked that place for and leadership under her was a JOKE. Ann Lott sucked as a leader, period.
If you support that woman you also are a fool

Inversible said...

How about Chair person of Dallas Housing Authority, Council Man Atkins? What part does he have in this jig saw puzzle??

Perhaps Leppertcon can answer that.

Joyce Foreman said...


Do you still work there? If you can read, I said that I did not know her personally, but all that I have heard was good. Who's the fool?