Monday, July 28, 2008

Dr. C.A.W. Clark

Another legend has passed away in Dallas. Born Caesar Arthur Walter Clark on December 13, 1914 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dr. Clark spent half a century preaching at Good Street Baptist Church in Dallas, and was known nationally for his preaching and his community work.

While growing up and attending St. James A.M.E. Church on Good Latimer Expressway, we teenagers would leave our church and go to the Baptist church which was a block away from us. That church was Good Street Baptist Church. We wanted to hear that fiery preacher preach. We would always have to leave Good Street after the preaching because our church would be over long before Good Street's services ended, and we had to be back before our parents were ready to go home.

As an adult I had the opportunity to interact with Dr. Clark when my company sold the church a copier. It was always amazing to me that he was in his office each time I went to the church on business. I would often stop and spend time talking to him. He was aging then, but that did not stop him from being there everyday and having a lively conversation with me. I always had to give him my pen. I will always have good memories of Rev. Clark.

His legacy as a preachers preacher will always be remembered. May you rest in peach Dr. C.A.W. Clark.

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