Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Patrick Waller "Robbed of 16 Years"

Now there are 18 that have been cleared by DNA in Dallas County. This is the most exonerated in any county in the nation since 2001.

Patrick Waller is just another example of how people have been sent to prison for crimes that they did not commit. The system is broken and have been for years. Mr. Waller was robbed of 16 years of his life and will not ever be able to get those years back. He states "It's been a struggle daily - going to bed, knowing I'm someplace I don't deserve to be." Can you imagine the feelings that have to be built up inside of a person who has been wrongfully imprisoned?

Why are so many people being exonerated in Dallas County?


grothcc said...

This guy should be awarded from the State of Texas, the sum of $45 Million ($3 Mil/Year) for depriving him of 15 of the prime years of his life. It should be set up in a State approved trust to deliver $1 Million / Year for the next 45 years so that the money will always be there and so that so-called "advisors" cannot defraud the man. This way he can live out his remainimg years in comfort & hopefully without worry.

Joyce Foreman said...

I do not think any amount of money can pay for the time spent in jail, but I believe that the State should consider case by case the amount awarded.

My heart breaks for innocent people locked up for years.