Friday, June 27, 2008

Why Not Name The DISD Administion Bldg. Kathlyn Joy Gilliam?

There were 24 names listed to speak on naming the DISD administration bldg. for Mrs. Kathlyn Gilliam. A woman who served on the DISD school board for 23 years and was the first African American to be president of the school board.

There were former school board members that served with Mrs Gilliam like Honorable Harriett Earhardt, Judge Thomas Jones and Honorable Robert Price. They all spoke of her compassion for educating all children. Other elected and former elected officials like Councilwoman Carolyn Davis said "All of us are standing on the backs of people like Ms. Gilliam" and Judge Charles Rose said "There is no other person who is better deserving of such an honor". Honorable Al Lipscomb said what we all wanted to say and that was "Just name the building".

The Chairman of the Board of the Dallas Black Chamber, Ronald Hay came to speak in favor of naming the bldg. and he told the board how Mrs. Gilliam had been honored by his organization with the Willow Award which is now the community service award. She was the very first awardee.

Also listed to speak was Minister Jeffrey Mohammed, Arthur Fleming, Brenda Fields, Debra Forge, Don Johnson, Cousin Linnie Henderson, Alpha Thomas, Michael Gonzales,LeVar Thomas, Roy Williams, Alva Lipscomb, Robert Guice, Honorable Diane Ragsdale, Olynka Green (New Black Panther Party) and me.

I do not get it. The vote was along racial lines and Trustee Ron Price played the game. After being questioned by Nancy Bingham, Ron Price talked about naming a school after Mrs. Gilliam if this vote fails. I do not believe him. How many new schools have been built since his election to the board-over 9 years- and he has not named a school after her? He must think we were all born yesterday.

Jack Lowe Jr. is such a disappointment. I have known him for over 30 years and each time I go to a school board meeting, I ask myself why he would move from Highland Park to be on this board other than his company, TD Industries, being able to get contracts. President Lowe insults the audience, seems to be lost most of the time and allows the superintendent to take control of the meetings. Jack Lowe Sr. also worked with Mrs. Gilliam on desegregation issues.

The Hispanic Board members vote shows why African Americans have so much distrust in them doing the right thing by our people. Adam Medrano abstained. I believe that he knew that his grandfather, Poncho Medrano, worked with Mrs Gilliam and his family has a good name in all communities. Jerome Garza's father Trini Garza also worked with Mrs. Gilliam, but Garza has been reckless toward African American issues on this board. I do not know what history Edwin Flores has here, but I do know that the North Dallas community should find another representative. He is awful.

This is a Billion Dollar budget and that does not include the bond program,1.35 Billion. It is not about education but all about controlling the money.

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