Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DART President Gary Thomas/Performance Evaluation

Today at the DART Board meeting President Gary Thomas will get his performance evaluation. I was told this would the hottest issue on the agenda.

I bet he will get a big fat raise and probably a multi year contract and bonus because the suburban board members know what they are doing and they know they have the president where they want him. They do not care that he still has issues like over six years on the job and still getting management coaching, a billion dollar budget shortfall, low moral at the office, no appointed second in command, questions about contractor Archer Western and the $600,000 oops, and on and on with questionable actions.

Dallas will get left in the dust and you can blame Mayor Tom Leppert, Dwaine Caraway, Tennell Adkins, Mitchel Rasansky, Ron Natinsky, Jerry Allen,, Elba Garcia, Sheffie Kandae and Dave Newmann. DART will continue to meet with Dallas and tell them everything is okay, but see what happens to light rail. All emphasis are moving toward commuter rail in the region.

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