Friday, June 27, 2008

Spruce High School

At the school board meeting last night, I was moved to tears as I listened to the parents and students speak about dismantling their school. What I ascertained from the speakers was that the DISD Administration had not done all that it could do to make the learning environment better. They had not put in the resources to make the students have added help to improve. They stated that in a 4 year period, the school had 3 different principals. Now just tell me how that makes since when the school was struggling to start with?

Dr. Hinojosa would have to take responsibility because he has been with the district for three years. No one wants to acknowledge that the district failed these children.

While the district can find money to pay high salaries to some administrators, they have failed to realize the high salaries should be going to the people who work directly with the children. There is a reason why students are leaving the district yearly, bad leadership.

Dallas Achieves is not working.

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