Monday, June 16, 2008

Townhall Meeting

It seems that Townhall meetings are the new buss words. If you are wondering why so many meetings these days, its because an election for council districts will be in May, 2009 and this is the smoke screen that is being put out for you the public.

It's amazing that on another site, someone "Thanks" the seniors on walkers and canes for attending a Townhall meeting. I just wonder what trick they pulled for that. I want the public not to be fooled by these people and I am wishing for new leadership in the African American community. District 4 and 8 need new leadership and I hope that people will come forth in those districts and run for council. I know that we can do better and we must do better to make sure that we do not have suck ups to Mayor Leppert and the Citizens Council. If you do not believe what I am saying just check their voting records. Talk is cheap but votes speak loudly.

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