Monday, June 30, 2008

Teachers at Spruce

How could the district be so insensitive to the teachers? Remember that this school has been low-preforming for 4 years and Dr. Hinojosa has been with the district for 3 years. Should he go also?

This is not in defense of bad teachers, because we all know they should be gone from the classrooms, but I still question if these teachers had all of the tools needed to move the students forward. You have to ask yourself why Samuel and Comstock improved but not Spruce. Should the DISD Administration get off the hook and not be held accountable?

It is not said openly, but I have heard that out of 23 high schools they are all low-performing but 5. We need a change in leadership at DISD. Bringing in all of these corporate honchos is not the answer to educating these young people.

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