Friday, June 13, 2008

DISD - Spruce High School

Spruce High School is expected to receive the state's lowest rating- academically unacceptable- for the fourth consecutive year when the state releases school rating this summer. This is an indication of how long this district will let the children continue to fail. Dr. Hinojosa has been the superintendent for 3 years and this means that during his tenure nothing has changed even though his staff has tried to implement change .

There were three options presented to the school board, but the one that might be recommended by the superintendent is to move some of the students from the low-performing school to Lincoln High School and Madison High School. What will this do to the ratings of those schools in the years to come? What resources will the district give to help these students? What will it cost to transport these students to the new schools?

I hope that the public will began to start paying closer attention to DISD. In the new bond package there will be approximately 8 new schools in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas and now we are considering moving students out of that area for academic reasons. In the last bond package Emmett Conrad and Jack Lowe, Sr. were built in the Vickery Meadows area. In the immediate area there are too few students and now the district is moving some magnet programs and other student shifts to have enough students in the new schools. It has also been reported that last year the district lost over 1,000 student therefore the student population is on the decline in DISD.

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