Monday, November 12, 2007

We Were Not Really for The Trinity Project

Why is Rufus Shaw saying that the Black council members were really not sold on the Trinity Project. Tennell Adkins had several meetings in his District and only presented the views of Vote No. Dwaine (Dewayne/Dwayne) Caraway was a public spokesman for the effort and Carolyn Davis had several meetings in her district. All four Black council members sent out messages to their district to Vote No.

Rev. Freddie Haynes and Friendship West published a brochure that had VOTE NO INFORMATION that was passed out to its membership (I have a copy), and The Friendship West Church sent out workers to work at polling locations for VOTE NO. Rev. Haynes could have privately said he had reservations, but there is absolutely no question of his church's involvement with the VOTE NO campaign.

With all of the forces against the Vote Yes effort, the best the Vote No could do was 53/47 percent win. I think some politicians could be nervous and should be nervous.

If black council members are going to get someone to speak for them, they should get someone with credibility. Rufus Shaw is not the guy.

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