Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Shopping At Southwest Center Mall

Friday after Thanksgiving, I joined many Americans and began my holiday shopping. My nephew and I started at Toy's R Us where I had to stand around as he looked at almost every item in the store, and then we went to Southwest Center Mall (Red Bird Mall), the place where I have made a conscious decision to spend my money for gifts this holiday.

For the last five years,I have done my Christmas shopping at this mall because there is a need to see stores remain in this area of town. Many people have opted to do their shopping at other malls because they believe that they can not find what they are looking for at this mall, but I am determined to make my purchases where it will make a difference for the community.

Southwest Center Mall (Red Bird Mall)is needed in this area of town. I do not want to have to take my dollars to Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Lancaster or DeSoto. It is my desire to spend money in Dallas so that the taxes will stay in Dallas.


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