Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Price -DISD Trustee

Something finally got Ron Price's attention at DISD. Thank God. Many people that work in the community have tried to talk with Ron Price about the direction that Dallas public schools are going in. We have said to him that it might be in the best interest of our children to be like San Antonio and have the school district divided into 3 or 4 districts.

When we were no longer the largest minority group, the emphasis changed. We have lost many of the good educators (African American) to suburban school districts and have gotten in educators that are new to teaching, and many are of foreign origin and do not speak English well enough for our children to understand what they are saying. These are not bad people, but our children need special attention too.

Looking at the money that has been dedicated to learning centers was just another move to take dollars from areas that have traditionally helped African
American students and to move the dollars into bi-lingual programs. This board has no interest in keeping to the commitments that were made in the Covenant after convincing a judge to release the DISD from court oversight.

I personally want to thank Trustee Price for speaking the thoughts of many of us in the community that have been working with DISD for decades. I also want to thank him for not buying into the city council Negro philosophy that we are not going to make these people mad by asking questions and asking for accountability.

Thank You Trustee Ron Price.

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