Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rufus Shaw/Dwaine Caraway/Michael Davis

Rufus Shaw writes on Dallas Blog that my actions in the TrinityVote campaign is the reason that Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway helped to remove me from the DART Board. He says that I was lying to the people about having to pay a toll to come out of Oak Cliff. Well, Tennell Adkins made the statement in a meeting that the traffic would be diverted to the toll road to redo 35N in the mixmaster (about 40 people were in the meeting including Dwaine's right hand person Ms. Margaret). Michael Morris from COG said that to do the Pegasus Project in the mixmaster, there would have to be a road for traffic to be diverted to while the work on the mixmaster was taking place and that was the reason that the Trinity Toll Road was important. If the people from Oak Cliff is using that road do you think they will pay a toll? It's a TOLL ROAD and there will be a charge.

Just for Michael Davis's information, I do not live in Glen Oaks. My precinct totals were 168 For and 191 Against. The percentage was about 53 to 47, the same as the outcome of the race. I do not think that we did so bad since we had Congresswoman Johnson, State Senator Royce West, County Commissioner John Wiley Price,the Negro preachers, and all of the Dallas City Council members against us but Angela Hunt. When you speak of something being a joke, you should have something to back that up. I can not ever think of you managing a campaign anywhere, therefore you have no record and are being used as a mouth piece for Dwaine Caraway. I think one of the other bloggers got it right, Kiss Ass.

There was a reason that it took Dwaine Caraway so many runs at the council office to be elected and many people are asking how in the world did it happen this time? They are basing their comments on his reputation, and those of us who have been in Dallas longer than a minute surely know what has been said about him. As as far as him being the Michael Jordan of the South Dallas, that is an absolute insult to Mr. Jordan.

Rufus Shaw has no clout in the black community. He has always attacked people, and that is why no black paper will let him write for them. I hope DallasBlog will catch on to his tricks. He is in with the Leppert (Negro) gatekeepers and his job is to attack.

They do not have to do it to us, We do it to eachother.

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