Friday, January 11, 2008


The most recent audit of the DHA shows significant progress from the agency's 2005 annual audit. The previous audit found inaccurate financial statements, accounting errors and inadequate documentation for requests for federal reimbursements, but the 2006 audit showed the agency has corrected several accounting problems that were in the previous audit.

The DHA has worked to improve its accounting practices by hiring four certified public accountants and upgrading accounting software. They have also created a finance committee at the board level to help with oversight.

It is apparent that Ms. Ann Lott has continued to make the corrections that she promised for accountability of the agency, but what is most surprising is you can not see Mayor Tom Leppert anywhere with the latest good news, but he was all over the camera giving her a hard time with the bad news. What is up with this mayor? Is he a media hog?

I hope that Ann Lott will keep working hard to insure that she restores the public trust and that Tom Leppert would stop the madness.

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