Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The DART staff made a presentation to the City of Dallas Transportation Committee yesterday and continued the push to remove funds from the DART budget for City of Dallas Projects to The Orange Line in Irving. The term of the day was to "Back fill" the funds.

I am thankful that Councilwomen Vonciel Jones Hill, Angela Hunt, Linda Koop, Pauline Medrano and Elba Garcia had some backbone and stood up to DART to say no to taking the money out of the current budget, at anytime, for the City of Dallas projects. They also called for an outside audit and will be forwarding a letter to DART asking for the outside audit,and are now on the same page as State Rep. Linda Harper Brown who also called for an outside audit.

The Dallas City Council should be working with all of the DART board appointees from Dallas to ensure that they have the same goals in mind and that they would not vote to amend the current financial plan. The appointees are on the board to work with and for the City of Dallas.

DART is currently working on an internal audit to make some determination, but that will not be sufficient enough to regain the public trust. There should be an outside audit done of the agency.

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