Friday, January 11, 2008


Who would have thought that the Dallas City Council could move so fast. The trial balloon that was floated out there by DART board Chairwoman and DART staff of removing from the financial plan 350 million dollars from the second downtown alignment and the UNT line, hit with a big thud on yesterday. The entire council had to take a stand and tell DART to look again. Before any item is put on the agenda at DART, it is approved by the Chairperson.

I can not imagine how DART and the Chairwoman believed they would ever get the votes for such a crazy idea. You must remember that the DART operation budget is based on sales tax and that Dallas alone puts in about 55% of all sales tax revenue. Why in the world would Dallas give up the contractual agreement for the second downtown alignment?

Mayor Leppert has been in Southern Dallas talking about how he will deliver on economic development in the area and if he sits by and see the alignment to the UNT campus and Inland Port be rescheduled the Negroes who have been promoting him to the region will be in a world of trouble. We all know that the catalyst to job creation in the area is the Inland Port and that the UNT campus will help with revitalization.

The Dallas City Council should keep their eyes and ears open because their could be other tricks from DART.

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