Wednesday, January 23, 2008


While many people see this as a day to have a holiday from work, my day is a day of reflection. It was not many years ago that there was a great divide in this country between blacks and whites. All facilities were separated and people of color did not have the opportunities to reach their full potential.

Today, we would like to believe all is well because a few people have been able to improve their lot, but the race as a whole is still struggling. Many of the people who have moved out of the community say that the civil rights tactics of the 60's are dead, and the people who still believe in protesting and speaking out are radical. They want to ostracise the activist. What are these people doing for our community? From my vantage point they are making money in the name of the community.

I would like to see the ideals of Dr. King materialize and all Gods children, black, white, brown and yellow be able to live THE DREAM.

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