Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Michael Davis

As I read the electronic media, I continue to find comments about me from Michael Davis, the newly appointed Planning Commissioner by Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway. I have not been in his presence many times, so I do not know why he has this desire to keep making negative comments about me. I would assume that this is his first appointment and hope that he will learn and help the community as much as possible, but I am not sure the has the right frame of mind. You can not spend your time hating on someone that you do not know just to be in with people who you think that you know.

My record of service on the DART Board speaks for itself. It is known that I would have been the Chairman of the Board if I had been reappointed. I have no shame in the way that I represented myself and the community. I spent five years working and learning transportation issues, and I will say that there is not another African American in the southern sector who knows more about the issue than me. The reason that my removal is a topic of concern is the people who voted for me and one's who did not. Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway and Tennell Adkins (African American males) lead the charge for my removal. We all know that it was an 8-7 vote. Many people in the African American community did not like what happened(excluding Michael Davis)and have given me support. I will also say that there are some council members who are regretting their vote against me and they are saying that.

The appointment that Michael Davis received is one of a personal appointment by a council member and those appointments are not challenged by other council members. The appointment to the DART Board is a full council appointment. The appointments are different and I hope that Michael Davis understands the difference.

My suggestion to Michael Davis is to spend the time he is using on trying to defend the actions of Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway and Tennell Adkins on making sure he learns all that he can about the commission that he is on and then delivery for the community.

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