Friday, October 26, 2007

It's About Time

Finally the media is getting past all of the hype that is going on in the Black community. I have heard things like, this is a new council and the things that went on before will not happen on our watch or we are going to all be together on issues. Some of the new city council persons (Dwaine Caraway and Tennell Adkins) are acting like they are the Overseers of the Negro people. They are telling their Master (Mayor Tom Leppert) that they will keep all Negroes in line and will not let them come to city hall and voice their opinions.

Did they forget that city hall belongs to the taxpayers, no matter if they live in North,South,East or West Dallas? In some cases, the people who want to speak are those who spoke up to make the system more friendly to people of color. Some Negroes still amaze me. When they think they have arrived, they want to forget everybody else. My beautiful mother use to say "Be careful who you step on going up, because you will have to meet those same people on your way down."

Thank you Marvin Crenshaw and Roy Williams for speaking out on any issue that you believe is important to our community.

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