Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dwaine Caraway and Saggy-Pants

Dave Levinthal of the Dallas Morning News ask the question "Was Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway caught with his own pants down?" There has been much dialogue about young men wearing saggy-pants both nationally and locally and the universal position is that we do not want to see their underwear. Councilman Caraway went public making statements about how he had the votes for a very stiff ordinance that would be passed by years end, but he retreated and said that he is working on a non-binding council resolution. That is a long ways from an ordinance. To help him save face, some council persons appeared with him at a press conference, but none were willing to support a binding law criminalizing wearing sagging-pants.

School Board member Ron Price is the one who raised this issue last year to the Dallas City Council and they considered an ordinance but nothing happened. I believe that there are two school of thoughts as far as an ordinance is concerned,and they are:
1. The constitutional freedom of speech issue.
2. The use of already stretched police officers for enforcement.

I hate sagging. I think it is all the bad things that others like Ron Price have said, but we have to find more productive ways of getting to our young men about the way that they dress. A good example is the President of Paul Quinn College who took it upon himself to address issues about the dress code at the college and with its implementation it is having a positive affect on all students. He did not take it to the media, he just acted on something he believed.

Dwaine/Dwayne/Dewayne Caraway forget the hype!

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