Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dallas ISD Trustee Ron Price

Ron Price is trying to show progress in the schools in district 9 because he thinks that he can convince the voters that he is ready to move from School Board Trustee to the Dallas City Council. He has specifically talked about Julia C. Frazier Elementary School and Lincoln High School. This was discussed in a post by Unfair Park.

I graduated from Julia C. Frazier Elem. School and it has done well with the assistance of the T.I. Foundation and the Margaret Cone HeadStart Center. Quality education has been taking place in this school for years.

Frazier and Lincoln are both good schools, but it has nothing to do with Ron Price making them good schools. I give the credit to the principals, teachers, students and parents.
I believe Price was on the school board when Gonzales, Rojas, Moses and Hinojosa were hired. All have been bad for Dallas Independent School District. Do not forget that Ron Price was one of the leading Trustees who decided to vote to forego Trustee elections this year. He was one of the Trustees that was up for re-election.

This is not about race, but this is about not recycling the elected officials who have been in power for years. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!

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