Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bob Hayes

I can not believe that this is happening to a Sport's Hero like Bob Hayes. He does not deserve all of the discord that is taking place over the honor that will bestowed upon him after his death.

Bob was a fun loving person that had a heart of gold. I had the opportunity to be friends with he and his first wife Altamease Hayes. They called me their little sister and Bob called my mother MOM. He loved her chili. He made friends easily and many people hung out around him, but he loved his wife and daughter Adrienne LaRori (Rori), very much.

I noticed that the part of his family who is raising the stink about Lucille Hester not being his sister, and leaving them out has left out Altamease and Rori (she has 3 children). This is tragic.

Altamease and Bob were married most of his playing days.

If you have the same father, that would make you brother and sister. I hope that Ms. Lucille Hester keeps her head high and continue with the quest of getting Bob Hayes in the Football Hall of Fame.

Go Bullet Bob Hayes!!!!!! Hall of Famer!!!!!!!!

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