Monday, November 17, 2008

Leigh Ann Ellis-Policy Committee Chair for DISD-Pushes for 4 year terms

It is Unbelievable that the trustees of Dallas ISD would even consider at this time extending the length of their terms. I guess that the Dallas ISD taxpayers do not have any input in the school district. With sheer recklessness, The Dallas ISD trustees have placed on the November 20, 2008 Board Agenda this important vote. It has been put on the consent (Consent Agenda Item: A-19) agenda leaving no room to conduct a public hearing to afford comments from Dallas ISD taxpayers at the meeting or even allow for discussion from the Dallas ISD trustees. This is what you call participant government?

To make matters worse, the trustee that is chairing the Policy Committee-Leigh Ann Ellis-is up for election in May, 2009 and she is pushing hard to stifle debate. Shame on DISD.

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