Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Chosen name for Industrial Blvd. is Riverfront

The Dallas City Council, lead by Mayor Tom Leppert, voted yesterday to change the name of Industrial Blvd. to Riverfort. This came with the displeasure of many Dallas citizens who believed that the City Council had ask the public for their input on renaming the street and when the council received the input,they chose to disregarded the public answer which was Caesar Chavez.

While I believe that the street name of Industrial Blvd. did not have the bad connotation that was betrayed by the Council, I was willing to accept the public choice. I did not believe that the street name had to be changed, but the City Council made the decision to ask the public for their input for a suggestions for a new street name to replace Industrial. It is my belief that we live in a democracy and public input is a part of the process. Guess I was wrong.

The City Council also denied naming Ross Ave. for Caesar Chavez which I agree with. The name of a street should not be changed just as a compromise for the failure to get the original process of renaming Industrial right.

I hope that this council can find it within themselves to right the wrong that they have created.

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