Friday, November 14, 2008

DISD Throws Away School Books

Can you believe that anyone would put books in the dumpster? That makes absolutely no sense. Even if DISD was not going to use these books, what about donating them to after school programs, learning centers,shelters,church schools,small school districts or even third world countries. I have also heard that DISD has a practice of picking up books that are not being used and burning them. Forgive me, but it is not their money,so they do as they please by throwing the taxpayers money away.

To say that the janitor made a mistake in throwing the books out is the same old excuses that we continue to hear from DISD. No one takes responsibility for their actions, its always someone else who made the mistake.

This ship is sinking fast and the new business community committee had better be careful or they might sink with it.

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