Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pastor Tyrone Gordon

Steve Blow

In Steve Blow's Column on Sunday "Wright's not the only pastor to shock", Blow tried to twist the words of Pastor Tyrone Gordon of St. Luke "Community "United Methodist Church.

My response to Steve Blow:

Steve, for your information, not only some African Americans mistrust the government, but some people of other races have the same concerns. It is never a situation of all of anything.

I am a member of St. Luke "Community" United Methodist Church and a supporter of Pastor Tyrone Gordon. It was not shocking to me that Pastor Gordon responsed to the questions about AIDS being created by the US government by saying " I have heard that, and not only from him." Many people in the Africn American community have heard that statement at one time or another. As you stated "Half-baked conspiracy theories about drugs and AIDS in the black community have floated around for years without a shred of proof." You should not be surprised that because of the past history of Africans in America there are some who would believe the conspiracy theory.
You state "I was relieved to call Dr. Gordon and hear him reject such conspiracy nonsense."

Why did you believe that you had a story? If people like you continue to twist the story or tell part of the story for a newpaper article, the races will never come together. Remember, "Criticism is the easiest form of mental activity and ...creativity is the toughest."

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