Monday, March 31, 2008


The Bond Program for DISD is not revealing many details to the public. This is the same trick that was used by DISD on the budget for this year. The school board had very few details on the budget when it was adopted, and that allowed the superintendent to use his discretion in some areas.

I believe the district has a reason for holding information from the voters. I you give the taxpayers very few details, they will not be interested and stay at home. This would give the bond supporters an opportunity to get out their voters and win the approval of the bond program with a very small number of voters.

I am always for improving public education, and there is no doubt that the classroom environment plays a very important roll in student learning and student achievement, but I am not sure the last bond projects were handled in the most prudent way and I am not sure that this bond program will be handled adequately because of the many element of secrecy that are taking place.

I am a firm believer in giving the voters the information and letting them make an intelligent decision.

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Dani's Natural Hair Blog said...

I agree that the school district needs to be forthcoming about the most recent bond before they ask the voters to invest even more money in a failing school system. That we need to build more schools to house failing and limited English proficient students is not a good enough argument for this taxpayer.