Wednesday, March 5, 2008


North Texas was solidly behind Senator Barack Obama. Collin,Tarrant,Dallas,Denton,Ellis, Rockwall and Kaufman counties went with Senator Obama with a range from 1 percentage point to 23 percentage points. He also took the overall votes of men at 52%,African Americans at 85% and ages 18-29 years at 60%.
Senator Clinton scored high with women at 53% and they were 57% of the overall vote. She also did well with the 60 and older where she received 62% of the vote along with 64% of the Hispanic vote where they made up 33% of the overall vote.
The best thing about this primary race is the number of people who showed up to vote in the Democratic primary. The Democrat Party should take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage the large trunout and make the process easier for them to fully participate.
I had a relative to call me from Rowlett while in line to participate in the caucus,she was under 30,and was frustrated. I had to talk with the person running the caucus to try and talk her through the caucus process. They had the rules but were struggling to understand. That should not have happened.
Democrats, we have a window of opportunity and we need to use it.

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