Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Davis

I am glad that the black community is seeing him for what he is. I was introduced to him when he presented a proposal to work for mayoral candidate Darrell Jordan. He is not what this community needs or wants.

I do not always agree with anyone, but it is Commissioner John Wiley Price's right to campaign for who he chooses and who is Michael Davis to tell him that he can not? Just a puppet.


Kysheenna said...

Surely this post is about a different Michael Davis. I think that he is helping to connect the young black community with the older politicians and activist. By no means is he a puppet. If you find fault in him, go to him as an experienced community activist and tell him where he is wrong. Let's not name call, lets help unite our community!

Kiery said...

I am curious to know how you feel the black community views Mike D and also whom this consensus is comprised of. I'd venture to say that you're speaking of a specific group in regards to age, class, and conservatism. I also don't think it'd be terribly presumptuous of me to say that you're not being objective in this elusive statement.

Without regard for your opinion, (which is not substantiated enough for me to respect) or those of your peers, please consider that the black community I am intouch with does, in fact, respect Mike D's vision, assertiveness, and the hope that he represents.

We are not going to agree wholeheartly with another person all of the time. However, the beauty of varying perspectives is in the oppotunity for compromise, the chance to open another persons mind, or, at the very least, a ability to intelligently and respectfully agree to disagree.

The black community that I'm in touch with is not served by the "crabs in a bucket mentality". We would like to hold conversations instead of being talked to. We appreciate constructive critism because it helps us grow (so if you say something or someone is not what we need, then please tell use why and offer a more suitable alternative).

As the Dallas CONNECTOR, I would think you'd be less divisive and more willing to work encouragingly and collectively, inspite of personal differences, toward Dallas PROGRESS!!!

Joyce Foreman said...

Kysheenna and Kiery, thank both of you for your comments. I have worked in this community for years and I stand by my comments about Michael Davis. I would be willing to discuss my position with you at anytime. I am glad to know that you found your way to Dallas Connetor.